Effective customer support: Guidelines and priorities

Understanding support channels

At our Support center, each client is assigned a unique personal ID linked to their registered email address in our ticketing system. This setup is crucial for security purposes. For instance, if a client registers a new account using a different email address, even if it’s the same individual, it leads to the suspension of services. This measure is in place to safeguard against potential threats.

Imagine if a malicious actor attempts to gain access to your dashboard or server files by posing as a legitimate client. By registering under a company name and requesting sensitive data, they could exploit any discrepancies in email verification. Therefore, we adhere strictly to providing support only upon requests from accounts with IDs linked to verified emails.

In any business, ensuring top-notch customer support is paramount. It’s not just about being available at all times; it’s also about understanding when and how support can be provided to maintain security and efficiency.

Updating contact information

If you’ve changed your email address, it’s imperative to inform us promptly. You can do so by sending an email from your old email address to [email protected]. However, for expedited assistance, it’s advisable to create a new ticket from your account with the updated information. In both cases, we’ll update your email to ensure seamless access to our support services.

Security measures

It’s crucial to note that we cannot be held responsible if you lose or share access to your email or account credentials with unauthorized individuals. We strongly advise against sharing your account credentials or verified email with unverified parties to prevent any potential misuse.

Availability of support agents

Our customer support agents operate during office hours as indicated on the Contact page. Similarly, designers, copywriters, and project-specific teams operate during these hours unless otherwise agreed upon. Technical support is available round the clock; however, tickets without an active subscription may have lower priority, although we guarantee a response within 24 hours. For urgent technical inquiries, you can opt for our Here and now administration service, where the next available specialist will promptly assist you upon payment.

Language preferences

Communication efficiency also depends on your preferred language. While our agents primarily handle queries in English, we also have agents proficient in languages specified in the floating panel on the Support center website. However, please note that tickets in languages outside of this panel will be given lower priority due to the limited availability of agents. In such cases, our AI agents will handle your query, albeit with the lowest priority.


In conclusion, while we’re committed to providing timely and efficient support through our ticketing system, it’s essential to understand the factors affecting the priority of each ticket. By adhering to these guidelines and keeping your information updated, you can ensure a smoother support experience. Remember, we’re always here to assist you, but your cooperation in following these procedures greatly enhances our ability to serve you effectively.